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Why all the fuss about mobile phones?

June 22, 2018
Why all the fuss about mobile phones? Matt Hancock the culture secretary has suggested that schools ban mobile phones. This follows on from President Macron’s banning of mobile phones in French schools.  What has brought about these dramatic interventions ? The debate about whether mobile phones and social media are good or bad for children […]

Tips for the exam season

May 1, 2018
Tips for the exam season. The exam season is nearly upon us. For teenagers it’s a difficult and stressful time. It’s their equivalent of a mini Olympics, a one shot deal. Frantic revision sessions, or not as the case may be, can be accompanied by sleepless nights and much wailing and gnashing of teeth in […]

Whats your view of social media and media platforms?

January 28, 2018
What’s your view of social media or media platforms ? As parents you might be a Facebook user, even a WhatsApp aficionado. You may even watch a movie/TV series.However the chances are these are ‘add ons’ rather than central to your life. But this is not so for our children. Read and inwardly digest these […]

Sexual assaults by children

November 10, 2017
Sexual assaults by children. Recent figures show an alarming rise in reports of peer on peer abuse. Almost 30,000 children are reported to have been sexually assaulted by another child in the last 4 years. These figures indicate a 71% increase. Furthermore sex offences by 10 year olds had more than doubled in the last […]


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