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When is a mental health issue not a mental health issue?

October 19, 2022
Most parents are fully switched on to the state of their child’s mental health, but because of how adolescents, in particular, communicate figuring out what is really going on is far from straightforward. Here is an example of what I mean. I get a message from a family seeking an urgent appointment. They have a […]

Boys and the rape culture crisis

April 9, 2021
The scale of the current ‘rape culture’ scandal is shocking. I would suggest that this crisis isn't just confined to private schools and universities. The true figures probably dwarf the numbers currently being reported. If we can set aside the understandable shock and horror at what has been happening we can perhaps begin to try […]

Managing the lockdown with adolescent children.

April 13, 2020
Lets not sugar coat the situation. Aside from all the traumatic medical issues that are going on being locked down with adolescent children presents enormous challenges to say the very least. A combination of no school, no friends to socialise with and now being joined at the hip with mum and dad is not a […]

An evolutionary shift in the way we relate is underway

February 14, 2020
As parents we are too often guilty of battling away in the ‘long grass’ of parenting without being able to see the bigger picture. Screens and mobile phones are one of those areas. There is a great deal of discussion and conflict about the place of screens and mobile phones in the lives of children […]
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